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Warehouse automation

With the world already headed towards digital transformation, your warehouses need to adapt themselves to match the supply chains of the future. Which means bringing real-time visibility in your inventory tracking and management processes, optimizing your operation workflows, faster order fulfilment and improved labor efficiency among others. As technologies continue to evolve, robotic automation in warehousing is increasingly getting in vogue. However, at Zircon we understand that no solution can work on a one-size-fits-all model. Our automation solutions are therefore designed to support your warehouses in every shape and size. From bringing automation in a small warehouse involving manual scanning using hand held terminals and scanners, to deploying a fully automated AS/RS system for the most sophisticated warehouses, we have a solution that is tailored to your business needs.

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Manufacturing automation

In the era of Industry 4.0, a lean manufacturing system that enables you to achieve new levels of efficiency is definitely a dream for all businesses. The industrial IoT (IIoT) revolution has brought a sea of change in factory operations. Not only has it improved production efficiency of manufacturing processes, it has led to increased efficiencies in quality, time and cost, eventually paving the way for zero-defect manufacturing. Zircon’s manufacturing automation solutions ensure automation of your entire production processes starting from production planning, demand forecasting, plant scheduling and much more, thereby capturing real-time data at every stage and allowing complete traceability of manufacturing operations . It also seamlessly integrates with your ERP, business analytics and intelligence applications and also with a wide range of identification and data capturing hardware of various makes and models.

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