Zircon Technologies India Limited


Zircon ProfileWe are a company engaged in the business of label printing for packaging of products and brand security solutions.

Our business is supported by our in-house research and development (“R&D”) process which is complemented by our existing infrastructure facility. We develop and offer a variety of labels and brand security solutions to a large number of national as well as international companies. We help our customers in decorating their brands with our high quality labels customized to suit their technical and aesthetic specifications as well as protecting their brands and the packages of their products from tampering and counterfeiting.

We also have an advanced in-house R&D division which has resulted in several technological breakthroughs including some of our recent developments such as a high scratch resistance coating technique and a special technique for a mirror-like glossy finish coating on our products. In our brand security solutions segment, we integrate high security graphics and other security elements onto the labels and brand images that we produce for our customers. We have also offered our technology of our high security graphics design and printing segment to a large European company under a licensing agreement in 2013 for which we receive royalty income. Our high security graphics printing technology was developed through our extensive in-house R&D process. We believe that our brand security technology is capable of successfully penetrating into a large variety of industry verticals and brands.

Our brand security and labeling solutions are designed to suit the specific needs of various industries including homecare, personal care, food and beverage, wine and liquor, pharmaceutical, agro-chemicals, automobile industries as well as industrial products. Our products are in conformity with the industry quality parameters that help in identifying the brands of our customers. Since any label on a product is the first point of interaction between the consumer and the brand, our high quality aesthetic labels facilitate the communication of the unique selling point and the authenticity of the brands and help protect their brand identity from the menaces of counterfeiting and tampering.

Even though our current revenue is predominantly driven by our labeling business, we aim to grow our innovative brand security solutions. We provide our brand security solutions to several large national and international companies and brands, and expect our brand security solutions segment to contribute to 25% of our total revenue by Fiscal 2021. We believe that our brand security solutions segment shall play an important role in the future growth and profit margin of our Company and in establishing our positioning as a technology innovator in the industry.

As on date of filing this Draft Red Herring Prospectus, our product portfolio comprises of self-adhesive labels, security labels, anti-counterfeiting labels, brand security labels and tamper evident labels, hybrid security labels, Canister labels and a host of other labeling solutions including techniques for prevention of duplication of prints and anti-counterfeiting.


Our company envisages being a leader in its geographical operational areas in the field of Brand security and Packaging labels.


Boosting shareholders significance by providing optimum solutions to our clients in the field of Anti counterfeiting, packaging and brand decoration labels by improving strength and skills of our people and fostering long term business relationships with our clients and suppliers based on professional approach, ethics and workmanship.


TeamAssisted by a pool of experienced personnel, our performance is demonstrated through the quality we deliver. A blend of contemporary technology and competent personnel ensures unmatched quality and value in our quality deliverance. Our team is the backbone of our company, which is why we are all the time in sturdy place to meet with all the requirements of the clients and industry. Supporting teamwork, encouraging veracity and effectual communication with human resources are our strategies to connect our team together, as one. Each of our team members has numerous years of experience and proficiency in the field and this why we are able to amplify our understanding for the market and the industry.

Core Values

ValuesOur company is incepted with the core values of expanding the business successfully. For attain success and growth in the business, it is essential that our staff work with sincerity and honesty & fully understand and respect the values we cherish as a company.

Some of the values mentioned below are the basis of our company's code of conduct:

  • Attaining customer's contentment;
  • To improve shareholder value by increasing productivity and expansion;
  • The function of our businesses is based on integrity, ethics & professional approach;
  • Commitment to constant enhancement in what we do as an individuals and as a company;
  • To value, respect, empower and acknowledge our employees and assure their all around development;

Business Philosophy

Business PhilosophyOur company has incorporated both technology and skill to provide superlative services to our clients. Following are some of the policies which we undertake for maintaining long term relationships based on professional approach and workmanship.

  • To provide safe and harmonious work environment
  • To minimize resource consumption through optimization
  • Compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Strengthen awareness and skill of our employees regarding implemented management systems
  • Recognize and eliminate impacts of our activities on the environment and occupational health & safety hazards at work place


CSRAs we continue to grow and develop into new regions, it becomes ever more important to focus on our core values, namely: constructing a sustainable business and giving back to society. Corporate Social Responsibility is a part of our business philosophy and thereby we are dedicated to assist the community in which we operate by charitable work and volunteerism.

We have launched a special program with the name of Choti se Asha a female child education initiative.
Our company is dedicated to shielding the safety and health of its employees, and to carrying out its operations in an environmentally responsible manner. Our company is specifically committed to.

  • Focusing efforts and resources on preventing EHS incidents.
  • Integrating EHS deliberation into facilities design, business planning, operating practices and employees training.
  • Using continuous development principles to develop EHS performance by assessing our current situation.
  • Developing a waste management process aimed to reduce, recycle and reuse materials prior to a final disposal options are chosen.
  • Auditing functions to assess in conformity with EHS, and relevant Government legislations, and to identify prospects for excellence.
  • Establishing goals, creating standards & work actions by joint efforts of Management and Employees, which support Zircon's promise to enhanced EHS performance.