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Brand Protection Solutions - Securing Brands, Just Like Currency

Securing Brands, Just Like Currency

Number of products secured in 2022 & 2023

It’s Time To Go Beyond Good

Zircon secures products of leading consumer-focused companies in India. If you are worried about counterfeiters stealing your graphics or reproducing your products easily, it’s time to switch to Zircon’s brand protection service and protect your brand identity.

Is Your Reputation Under Attack?

Almost all daily use products are faked in India, affecting multiple industries like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, fashion, and more.

Counterfeit goods represent 8 to 10 percent of today’s world trade. That is more than $600 billion annually.

The key consequences of counterfeiting are:

  • Loss of sales by undercutting prices
  • Damaging authentic brands’ integrity
  • Ruining the relationship with customers
  • Harming the long-term trust built over the years
  • Forcing brands to spend time and money fighting fakes

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    Safeguard Your Brand’s Integrity

    Let’s face it; counterfeit goods are a substantial hindrance when it comes to your brand’s reputation, integrity, and sales.

    With the advancement in technologies and markets, counterfeiting goods are getting more difficult to differentiate.

    With our smart and innovative tamper evidence and authentication labels, we help your brands ensure customer safety and create a differentiator between original and counterfeiting products.

    With our brand security solutions, safeguard your product’s credibility and create a robust market impression.

    We are the sole player in providing the graphic reproduction technology which we use for securing brands.

    Brand Protection Service by Zircon

    Breaking The DNA Of Counterfeiting

    We are India’s only brand protection company that has progressed and expanded the capability of printing global high-security document producers such as currency, government IDs, visas, passports, etc.

    We advance our roots further into labeling sectors and developed a stronghold in creating visually simple yet complex attributes that only a few companies in the world are capable of delivering.

    Our expertise is not centered on one sector but on many.

    Our capability and experience are trusted by many well-renounced companies in diversified sectors, especially Pharma, Automotive, Agrochemicals, and Cosmetics.

    Our Solutions Under Brand Authentication

    Brands That Trust Us

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