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A Differentiated High Value Packaging Solution That Offers 360° Visibility

A Differentiated High Value Packaging Solution That Offers 360° Visibility
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Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves facilitate the usage of entire space available on a bottle or package. This enables to design 360-degree graphics and realistic appealing visuals on them to enhance the brand aesthetics. These sleeves of shrinkable film offer great printing options. For instance, they can be reverse printed instead of the conventional surface printing. Hence, it provides perfect protection and scrub-resistance to the outer surface. Moreover, they are adaptable to any packaging size or shape. They merely have to be slid on the packages, exposed to hot air and voila, they shrink and conform to contours and shape of the bottle or container.

Our shrink sleeves can be printed via diverse printing technologies like rotogravure, flexographic, digital, screen or combination printing that creates packaging that is highly prominent on the shelf. They also enable tamper-evident packaging and packaging for large quantity of products.

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