Privacy Policy

Zircon Technologies is very secure about privacy issues and has no objection to viewers who are accessing its website. Your privacy is important to us and hence the information that we receive about you over the internet is safe and secure as reasonably possible.

This Privacy Policy outlines the personal information of the customers that we collect while you interrelate with us over the website. To even up the loss of data or change, our site has implemented professional standard protection efforts.

We gather your personal information to:

  • Register or subscribe to blog posts, forms or newsletters.

  • Offer meaningful or more personalised experience on our website.

  • Get analytics and website performance measured

  • Respond to visitors query

Every so often, we engage with selected partners, affiliates or subsidiaries to perform tasks on our behalf. These third party service providers have access to personal information to perform their functions, but may not use it for other purposes. The personal information collected from the customers is not sold, rented or shared for any kind of commercial purposes. In case, if you observe that your privacy is disobeyed, you can reach us by dropping a mail on We assure you to tackle it as a prime concern.