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High Quality Flexible Packaging Solutions That Will Separate You From The Competition

High Quality Packaging Solutions That Will Separate You From The Competition
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Flexible Packaging and Pharma Foils

Flexible packaging enables the use of flexible or non-rigid materials for packaging in a cost-efficient manner. These materials ranging from paper film or foil, are altered to form bags or pouches.

Products such as liquids, powders, savouries, or even solid items like soaps, etc., can be packaged by using this technology.

It facilitates diverse materials for packaging with different techniques to protect the material from permeability or intermingling of the packed products or any other.

Flexible packaging provides a wide scope to design and create packaging. One that conforms to the demands of the product proposed for packaging.

Flexible Pouch Packaging for Coffee Pouch by Zircon
Flexible Packaging Solutions

Usually made of aluminium, pharma foils are utilized as a hygienic protective backing for push-through blisters designed to hold tablets in their respective blisters.

These foils, printed with relevant information, incorporate a heat seal coating on the other side, forming a bond with the blisters.

According to product requirements, soft or hard aluminium is used. Moreover, these foils are extensively used as lidding material.

Unleash the full potential of your products with Zircon’s flexible packaging solutions.

Our innovative technology and superior materials ensure maximum efficiency and appeal. Contact us today to see the difference in your packaging and take your business to the next level.

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