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Foil in packaging can be used to highlight part of your label design or to add the touch of embellishment to elevate your brand. The glittering, shining Gold and Silver metallic sheen provides a high-end look to labels that attract the attention of end users. It is a process whereby a thin layer of the shining metal is transferred to the labels in registration to uplift the graphic appearance of labels. Foiling is of two types; Hot Foil and Cold Foil.

Self Adhesive Labels Sample
Innovative Labeling Solutions for Juice Product by Zircon

Hot Foil

Hot foiling or Hot Foil Stamping helps enhancing the appearance of any label or packaging design. The process involves using a metallic foil on a film specially created in gold, silver, copper, and holographic varieties which is transferred using heat, pressure and metal dies. It is possible to create a gloss or matt embellishment with these foils. Hot foil is possible on rough surfaces also.

Cold Foil

Unlike Hot foiling cold foils are used to transfer the metallic shine to a label without use of any heat and thus it is ideal for embellishing heat sensitive materials also. The process involves printing with a UV adhesive, laminating to the substrate and lifting the filmic carrier after depositing the metallic foil in register on the printed graphics on the label. Since cold foil is transferred after printing and laminating with adhesive, it requires a smooth surface to achieve a perfectly shiny transfer. Cold foil is possible in gloss and matt variants.

Self Adhesive Labels Sample

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